Local Hever Castle – opens this weekend




Relocating and moving your life from one place to another can be a time consuming and frustrating business. If you have not visited the wonderful Hever Castle in the heart of Kent, a trip might provide the perfect break from your “to do” list! There are endless fun things to do – spend happy and relaxing hours browsing the castle, watching the jousting and admiring the beautiful gardens. The large adventure playground, zip wires, mazes are brilliant for children aged 7-14 yrs. If the weather is good, I’d suggest taking a picnic and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

I guarantee you will return to the business of relocating feeling energised and planning a return to the glorious Hever Castle!






The life of an 11yr old boy in Kent! Desperately trying to finish homework so he can spend the afternoon with his friend Sorcha. Tomorrow, rugby festival all day then onto a friend’s swimming party. Woohoo we love our action-packed weekends in Sevenoaks!