Brexit affecting Sevenoaks

Well this week is all about the famous “Brexit” which my husband seems to LOVE talking about! I am beyond bored of it now but am hoping that whatever the outcome is that here in Sevenoaks we all remain calm.  Campaigners on both side of the EU vote have been accused of vandalism and posters have been ripped down with graffiti visible on the streets of Sevenoaks. I’m just looking forward to Friday!



Please Vote – Best Florist in Kent – Johnnys Little Sister

Today is the final day to vote for our favourite Sevenoaks Florist in the Muddy Stilettos Competition for the Best Florist in Kent. Lovely Bella at Johnnys Little Sister has worked very hard in making her business such a success and we are really lucky to have her as our local Sevenoaks florist. Please take a minute to vote for her as voting closes at 12 pm today.


Discounted travel fares for 16 – 18 yr olds

A young youth council from Sevenoaks has raised the issue of students between the age of 16 – 18yrs having to pay full adult fares on public transport. I thought you all might like to have your say and fill in the survey which you can find at As my children aren’t at that age yet I had no idea they had to pay full fare from the age of 16 yrs. It seems rather unfair to me.