Busy School Life

I don’t know about all of you busy mums out there but the kids have now been back to school for three weeks and the time is flying by. Everyone I seem to run into seems run of their feet and in need of “me” time so I thought I’d send you my picks of some local hidden treats for those busy mums.

Massages/Facials: Cynthia Kearns Holistic therapy is a wonderful mobile beautician who gives the best facial and massage I have EVER had. https://www.facebook.com/cynthiakearnsholistictherapy/.

Mindfullness: As most of us know that Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular in schools and businesses throughout the world and it has proven to help relieve anxiety and depression. I highly recommend Simone Ford. She runs Mindfulness classes and can be reached at http://www.theanderidapractice.co.uk/practitioners/simone-ford/.

Go ahead a book yourself a treat as before we know it they will be on holidays AGAIN!!!!