Autumn Clear out

Its getting cold here in Sevenoaks and the Kent kids are on half term so de-cluttering is high on my list of things to do whilst the poor kids tackle some half term revision. Knowing where to start can be a major mental roadblock. Start with this list of items you can say goodbye to right now with little thought. Thats my day sorted!

1. Expired coupons.

2. Old magazines.

3. Expired pantry items (canned goods, spices, etc.).

4. Old clothes.

5. Old/extra/excessive wrapping paper and supplies.

6. Excessive plastic and paper bags.

7. Broken things you’ve been meaning to repair.

8. Old/extra/stained/torn linens.

9. Chipped dishes and mugs. Read more:

10. DVDs you know you’ll never watch again.

11. Duplicate kitchen tools.

12. Accessories you haven’t worn in a year or more.

13. Take-out menus.

14. Extra boxes and empty storage containers.

15. Refills for items you no longer use.

16. Expired or compromised bike helmets. T

17. Expired medication.

18. Expired cosmetics.

19. Old cell phones.

20. Books that don’t move you or that you haven’t used for reference in three or more years.



Busy School Life

I don’t know about all of you busy mums out there but the kids have now been back to school for three weeks and the time is flying by. Everyone I seem to run into seems run of their feet and in need of “me” time so I thought I’d send you my picks of some local hidden treats for those busy mums.

Massages/Facials: Cynthia Kearns Holistic therapy is a wonderful mobile beautician who gives the best facial and massage I have EVER had.

Mindfullness: As most of us know that Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular in schools and businesses throughout the world and it has proven to help relieve anxiety and depression. I highly recommend Simone Ford. She runs Mindfulness classes and can be reached at

Go ahead a book yourself a treat as before we know it they will be on holidays AGAIN!!!!


Summer fun in Kent

Life has been hectic here in Sevenoaks with end of school term events but now the kids are full into holiday mode I wanted to share with you some of my picks of fun things to do.

1. Paddock Wood Drive in Cinema – We’ve booked to go on Saturday night to see the new Jungle Book. Groupon have a special deal for 16 pounds per car. Open up the boot and pack it full of duvets/chairs and everyone will be happy!

2. Shoreham Lavender Farm – This wonderful display of Lavender in the fields of Shoreham Kent is spectacular. Last year I booked one of the massages in the fields with a group of friends.  I highly recommend it but don’t forget to book well in advance as it’s very popular!




Our local pub, The Windmill in Weald, is hosting a fun afternoon of cricket and BBQ this Sunday (10th) 4 –  7pm on the village green. Kent cricket legend Darren Stevens will be bringing along some of his Kent teammates for a match on the green. Adults and kids both welcome. The weathers looking good so bring the family down for a good old barbie and some summer fun.  Hope to see you there!


Brexit affecting Sevenoaks

Well this week is all about the famous “Brexit” which my husband seems to LOVE talking about! I am beyond bored of it now but am hoping that whatever the outcome is that here in Sevenoaks we all remain calm.  Campaigners on both side of the EU vote have been accused of vandalism and posters have been ripped down with graffiti visible on the streets of Sevenoaks. I’m just looking forward to Friday!


Please Vote – Best Florist in Kent – Johnnys Little Sister

Today is the final day to vote for our favourite Sevenoaks Florist in the Muddy Stilettos Competition for the Best Florist in Kent. Lovely Bella at Johnnys Little Sister has worked very hard in making her business such a success and we are really lucky to have her as our local Sevenoaks florist. Please take a minute to vote for her as voting closes at 12 pm today.


Discounted travel fares for 16 – 18 yr olds

A young youth council from Sevenoaks has raised the issue of students between the age of 16 – 18yrs having to pay full adult fares on public transport. I thought you all might like to have your say and fill in the survey which you can find at As my children aren’t at that age yet I had no idea they had to pay full fare from the age of 16 yrs. It seems rather unfair to me.